Ageless Beauty Ritual

Introducing our brand new 2-in-1 rose quartz roller & gua sha! It helps to brighten skin, define facial contours, reduce fine lines/wrinkles and release toxins in under 10 minutes. Referred to the “botox of the Far East”, this ancient Chinese healing tool will change your skin for the better!


  • Visibly defined jawline and cheekbones 
  • Reduction in fine lines/wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness
  • Lymphatic drainage to improve circulation and stimulates collagen production 
  • Increases blood flow, calms puffiness 
  • Brighter Complexion  
  • Releases toxins & reduces inflammation  

Who Should Use It? It’s best to start focusing on anti-aging skincare in your early 20’s, at this age we start to lose one percent of collagen each year leading to signs of aging. Prevention is key to healthy looking, youthful skin!


It is imperative that you pair Age Is Only A Number Elixir with our 2-in-1 rose quartz roller & Gua Sha for the best results.

  1. Ensure face is clean, without makeup .
  2. Apply 3-4 drops of Age is Only A Number Elixir all over face, including neck.
  3. Use Roller end first, to gently roll in upwards and outwards motion starting from neck. *each motion should be done 5-10 times.  
    (Make sure you do not roll back and forth, roll in one direction going upwards) 
  4.  Apply light to medium pressure, around eyes ensure that you are more gentle.  
  5. Next use Gua Sha tool in “scrapping” motion, lay it as flat as possible against skin 
  6. Scrape against skin while gliding against skin in an upward and outward motion  *each motion should be done 5-10 times
  7. Apply light to medium pressure when scraping, apply very light pressure around eyes.(Scraping refers to the technique of laying the Gua Sha tool flat against skin as lifting)

Check out the video of Neely below demonstrating our Ageless Beauty Ritual!