What’s the difference between a fine line and a wrinkle?


What’s the difference between a fine line & a wrinkle?

Fine lines are superficial and closer to the skin’s surface. They are formed by making repetitive expressions or even sleeping in a certain way that causes skin folds.  Wrinkles are more deep set and pronounced. Wrinkles will appear as lines even when face is expressionless. 

Do fine lines become wrinkles?

Yes, as skin ages collagen and elastin levels decrease as well as 

What are the types of different wrinkles?

Crows Feet

The eyes are the first place to show signs of aging due to how delicate the skin is around our eyes and squinting(wear those sunglasses!) Crows feet are lines that appear most prominently in the corners of the eyes. 

Forehead Lines

These lines can run horizontal across the forehead or vertical in the centre of the forehead, in between eyebrows, also referred to as “11’s”. These furrows in between the brows can be more accentuated when frowning, grimacing(stop frowning!)

Smile Lines

These lines are created  around the corners of the mouth when smiling & laughing. (But smile and laugh anyways, it’s beautiful on you!)

What is the difference between static vs dynamic wrinkles?

Static wrinkles are the ones that exist without facial movement, while muscles are completely relaxed. These wrinkles tend to be more prominent and deep set. While Dynamic wrinkles are the ones that appear only when facial muscles are in movement such as smiling, frowning. These wrinkles tend to be more on the surface and shallow. 

What can make lines more pronounced?

Dry and dehydrated skin can make fine lines/wrinkles appear more pronounced. Also, dry skin can lead to premature aging due to water loss on the surface of the skin. 

Solutions for fine lines/wrinkles?

Keeping your skin hydrated will help skin appear more plump, youthful and minimize premature aging. Also, using ingredients that promote collagen production and increase elasticity will correct signs of aging. 

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