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About The Vasanti Sisterhood

Our story began when four women, three siblings and one childhood friend (all sisters by any measure) were inspired by the simple question “why doesn’t make-up look good on me?”. For us, and many like us, products that would enhance our natural beauty while feeling comfortable and weightless on our skin just didn’t exist yet.

We founded Vasanti Cosmetics in 1998 as a result of not being able to find beauty products that worked on our skin tones. There was a lack of choice, and visiting makeup counters became intimidating. This motivated us to give beauty a happier meaning, and we have not looked back since. Vasanti Cosmetics believes in joyful beauty, the kind that makes you smile because it truly works and allows you to look like you and feel like you.

Today, the brand has grown one woman at a time, by inviting all to share in the belief that you are most beautiful when you are most comfortable. Vasanti makes beauty feel good for everyone, every time.

Look Like You. Feel Like you.


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