Women apply over 30 layers of this product…daily!

When I first got my hands on Vasanti’s new Kajal Big Up! Volumizing Mascara I wasn’t sure if this mascara would be the magic my lashes so desperately needed. I have very fine, straight lashes that refuse to hold a curl no matter what I try. And believe me when I say I have tried a plethora of mascaras, some promised volume but gave me clump and others promised extreme curl but gave me dry, flaking lashes.

Kajal Big Up! Volumizing Mascara claims to deliver the following:

  • Instant VOLUME with just a few strokes
  • Non clumping 
  • Water Resistant
  • Will not Flake or dry lashes.
  • Dramatically enhanced lashes, gives appearance of wearing false lashes.
  • Christmas tree design to capture every lash for complete application.

Sounds great right? So I took Kajal Big Up! Volumizing Mascara out of it’s packaging, twisted the mascara wand out of it’s tube and went straight to work on my lashes. After just a few coats of mascara I was SHOCKED! My lacklustre lashes were seriously GLAM, lush, long and CURLED. It looked like I was wearing falsies!

Fun Fact: Women apply 30+ coats of mascara on each eye! And it took me far less brush strokes to get my lashes from blah to glam with the Kajal Big Up! Mascara. What truly surprised me the most was after wearing the mascara for over 12 hours my lashes held their curl and did not flake nor dry out my lashes!

Here’s some details on the unique formula:

  • New wax-composite resin made to improve adhesion to lashes.
  • Creamy Emulsion allows even disturbance for three dimensional volume with just a few brush strokes
  • New wax-composite resin made to improve adhesion to lashes

Not convinced? Check out these incredible before and afters! No Photoshop, No Retouching!