5 Minute Face

Many women spend hours applying their makeup to achieve the look they want. But does it have to take that long? Sometimes, all it takes is the right products and the appropriate application techniques to perfect your look in minutes.

So how exactly can you prettify your face in just five minutes? Below are some of the must-have cosmetics to help you get there:

Liquid VO2

One of the first steps you have to do before you apply makeup is to ensure you cover those dark circles under your eyes. This is where Vasanti’s Liquid VO2 can help. It’s a liquid concealer that color corrects those dreaded dark under eye circles. It instantly hides dark circles and mimic your skin tone (all warm to medium shades), and its so light weight that you won’t even notice you have it on. It provides a seamless coverage and its the best first step to erasing those dark circles! After that, just add your own concealer or liquid foundation on top (if you feel you need it), otherwise a simple powder foundation would do the trick just fine.


Face Base Foundation Powder

It’s a must to apply the right foundation because it can make or unmake your whole look. No matter what your complexion is, rest assured you’ll find the best shade to suit your face from Vasanti’s collection of face base foundation powder. Presently, there are 11 shades available. Each foundation is formulated with mineral pigments that easily blend with your natural skin color. It’s also lightweight and oil-free. It can effectively brighten up your skin while providing it the coverage you want. It won’t make you look ashy at all especially when used with Vasanti’s Liquid VO2 concealer. The formula doesn’t have titanium dioxide which is the culprit behind the ugly chalky complexion usually found on those with warm skin tones.


Do you want to highlight a specific facial feature? You can do so by applying the most flattering highlighter. For instance, if you want a highlighter that’s a perfect blend of silver and gold, you can use Vasanti’s Astro Highlighter for instant glow. Another option is Vasanti’s See The Light Powder Highlighter Duo available in gold tones and rose tones. You can create a weightless layer with this extremely soft and buttery powder for that naturally glowing and radiant skin.

Bloom Blush

Now you don’t want to look like a ghost. Add more color to your cheeks by applying Vasanti’s Bloom Blush. This pigmented blush is available in three shades inspired by flowers like lotus, dahlia and orchid. It adds a hint of color to your cheeks without overdoing it and brings your complexion to life with just a few strokes. Your cheeks will appear healthy-looking, fresh and wide awake. The trendy colors are very attractive and go well with any complexion.


Many women want to draw attention to their lips by applying lipstick. These lippies from Vasanti are available in different shades and texture. For example, if you’re more of a matte lipstick fan, you can try a soft finish matte lipstick with anti-oxidants or gel matte lipstick. Vasanti’s liquid lipsticks are also very nice and attractive. But do you know what makes them even better? Pair them up with Vasanti’s Lip Plumper . This glossy lip product boosts your lips’ natural hyaluronic making them look and feel smoother and fuller. You will see the big difference after using it for 28 days. Your lips will be more hydrated, younger looking and fuller thanks to the peptides and other anti-ageing components of this one of a kind plumper. In addition, it helps reduce fine line found on your lips.


A little mascara goes a long way! Eye Smile Mascara has a deep intense black color, zero clumping and formulated with shea butter and meadow-foam seed oil to completely condition and moisturize your lashes giving you a beautiful fuller, thicker, beautiful finish.

Dynamic Brow Duo Kit

Having beautifully sculpted eyebrows is an asset which is why many women are very meticulous when it comes to shaping their brows. The Vasanti Dynamic Brow Duo Kit is the ideal go-to powder and wax eyebrow kit. The powder effectively fills in and shapes the brows while the wax holds the brows in place. This kit is compact and comes with mini-tools so you can groom those brows even while on the go.

Summer Must-Haves

Spring and summer are the best times of the year when you can enjoy the sun and party all day and night. However, it also means going the extra mile when it comes to your makeup. Aside from being able to finish your makeup routine in five minutes, you also need to use the right beauty products. Thanks to Vasanti’s New Spring/Summer Collection, you don’t have to sour every shop for the right cosmetics.

In addition to the beauty must-haves already mentioned above, you also need the following to keep your face spring or summer ready at all times:

Now this is your face’s new best friend. The lip balm adds color and moisture to keep your lips from being dry. With regular use, you can have smoother and softer lips. It also makes the lips look younger.

This best-selling lipstick from Vasanti is velvety, smooth, soft and easy to apply. It has a rich and creamy formula that glides easily. It moisturizes the lips without fading the whole day. It has a velvety matte finish for that adorable, natural looking and kissable lips.

Spending too much time outdoors can leave your face dry and sweaty. Now you can freshen up anytime anywhere with this refreshing spray from Vasanti. It can help tone and refresh your skin and at the same time can be used to set your makeup. It’s rich in antioxidants which tightens the pores and protect the skin from bacteria and ageing.

Now you don’t need to spend hours in front of the mirror just to have that natural, flawless look. Be camera ready at all times with these beauty essentials