Stubbys! Your Must-Have Makeup Brushes

Vasanti has managed to come up with the perfect solution for brushes that help make self-application easy and precise. They have always been the brand that loves coming up with exciting beauty essentials that not only make you look amazing but also enhance your experience when you use it. The goal is to make you feel good and feel like yourself. So, it’s no surprise then that these makeup brushes have come a long way and they’re extremely helpful for self-application and can be used with a variety of different products.  

Below are the essential makeup brushes you can find in Vasanti’s stubby brush collection:

Foundation brushes

In order to look flawlessly beautiful, you don’t only need the right foundation but also the right brushes to apply it with. You don’t want to have visible lines or streaks on your face after you apply your foundation which is why Vasanti came up with these awesome stubby foundation brushes:

Stubby Round Foundation Brush

Whether you’re using liquid or powder foundation, this brush is the perfect tool to achieve that perfect makeup look. All you have to do is pat and dab your foundation all over your face for airbrush finish.

Stubby Flat Foundation Brush

Are you fond of using liquid or creamy products? If yes, this flat brush is perfect for you. It allows you to achieve that full coverage in a single swipe. You can use it for your foundation or even under eye concealer. The flat angled design makes it very practical and easy to use.

Stubby Fluff Brush

There’s nothing like feeling the soft fluffy bristles of a brush with each stroke of your hand. This fluff brush can help you apply powder all over your face without any trouble at all. Use it to apply powder especially as a finishing touch for setting your makeup in place.

Stubby Powder Blush

Are you a fun of powder? Make sure that your powder is properly applied, stays in place and provide that beautiful finish with this stubby powder blush. It has very soft and gentle bristles that glide smoothly on your skin.

Stubby Blush Brush

Many newbies have trouble applying the right amount of color into their cheeks. Thankfully, this blush brush can do wonders in giving you that natural looking glow day and night. Use it with Vasanti Blush Duo for those picture-ready cheeks all the time.

Stubby Contour Brush

Contouring is one of the makeup skills that many can’t master. If you’re still struggling with it, this brush is your new best friend. This flat contour brush has gentle bristles and is shaped specifically to allow you to apply the right amount of contouring product on the right places. Use it with Eclipse Contour Powder to add more definition and shape to your face.

Stubby Contour Eyeshadow Brush

Did you know that your eyebrows need a bit of contouring too? It’s not only the face that requires a little defining but also the eyebrows. That’s where this stubby contouring eyebrow brush comes in. It’s a great addition to your beauty tools. This brush is so easy to use. You can enhance the shape of your eyes or have that smoky look in seconds. It’s best used with powder products.

Stubby Brush Line Eyeshadow

Women love to experiment with different beauty products, which is why it’s no surprise to find them using a mix of powder and cream makeup products like eyeshadow. While there are those who prefer to use their fingers when applying eyeshadow, it won’t hurt to use this stubby brush at all. It’s the most convenient tool there is when you want to apply your cream or powder eyeshadow without leaving behind traces of them all over your face. Use this brush with Synchronicity Eyeshadow Trio Set and you’ll be treated to a long-lasting attractive eye makeup that you don’t need to retouch every hour.

Stubby Liner/Brow Brush

Women are very conscious about their eyebrows. They want to have thick and perfectly shaped natural-looking eyebrows to enhance their overall look. In order to achieve it, you need to use the right brush such as this stubby loner and brow brush. It works by grooming your brows properly before you fill it in. It has firm and flexible bristles and works well with powder, cream or waxed eyebrow products. For best results, try it with Dynamic Brow Duo Kit which is a powder and wax duo. The powder is applied in filling and shaping your brows while the wax is used to hold your brows in place. The kit also comes with its own mini-grooming tools.

Stubby Concealer Buffer Brush

One thing you need to conceal is the dark circles under your eyes. You don’t want to go out looking like a zombie which is why you need an under eye concealer. It can be very tricky to apply this concealer because you don’t want to overdo it either. By using the buffer brush, you can apply it properly under your eyes and let it set. You’ll be saying goodbye to those dark circles in no time.

Stubby Highlighter Fan Brush

If you prefer powder formulated beauty products, you need this soft fan brush in applying your highlighter. This tool is specially created for applying powder highlighter. You’ll find out that it makes for précised, controlled and well-blended look. You never have to waste a lot of time in highlighting the key features of your face like your cheekbones.

These makeup brushes have been tested and proven to be safe, effective and easy to use. They’re a great addition to your collection of makeup tools. You may not have the expert hands of a pro but with these essential brushes, you can easily achieve the look that you desire. The good news is you don’t need to buy these brushes separately. Vasanti’s stubby brush set already comes with all the necessary brushes and the perfect enevelope style case if you choose to buy the whole set!

Whoever says you can’t be a pro with makeup? With the right brushes, you can definitely turn from a neophyte to a guru.