Front Line Workers Submissions


Thank you for taking the time to submit your request to receive Vasanti care packages. We have more than doubled our initial goal of $50,000 in care package donations per month. Due to the higher than expected demand it is now taking us 3-4 weeks to process applications.
We will need all the email addresses for the front line workers you are requesting packages for - we will not need their Badge ID's. We would love to thank each member of your team via email and provide them with their discount code while they await their packages. It is important that you update the below link with everyone’s email for package processing purposes also.
Please fill out the form below again to receive your packages with all Nurses emails: 
NOTE: By adding the Nurse's emails to this form, you have their permission to be part of the Vasanti Community email list, to receive future promotions and more gifts! 
Thank you a million times over for your hard work and sacrifices, it means the world to us.
With Love,
Vasanti Team