Do I need eye cream? 

The first place signs of aging occur are around the eyes. As we age dermis (lower level of the skin) loses capacity to produce collagen which means epidermis (surface of the skin) will start to show signs of aging. 


Im too young and see no signs of aging I dont need it.

Wrong. At around 25 years old the production of collagen and elastin begins to decline which means loss of elasticity and firmness around eyes. This change happens in the dermis first, as we age and our skin thins the damage begins to show on the surface. 


Should I wait to see signs of aging before I use an eye cream?

No! Prevention in skincare is key. The earlier in your 20s that you start to use anti-aging eye cream the better your skin will appear as you age.  


Does that mean its too late for me if I already see signs of aging? 

Not at all! Hate to break it to you but we are aging everyday, anti - aging products can help in reversing some of the damage and correcting what is already on the surface of the skin.  


Whats the difference between Eye Wonder and Eye Wonder 2.0? 

  1. Eye Wonder 2.0 has added ceramic cooling tip to instantly de-puff underneath the eyes and support micro-circulation.  
  2. Eye Wonder 2.0 has added Arbutin(from bearberry leaves) will also instantly brighten underneath eyes. 
  3. Obvious difference is inpackaging,some prefer a tube vs a jar and vice versa. 
  4. Texture in jar is more thicker as it is more moisturizing, has shea butter (older skin may prefer jar version).