Affiliate Program


Affiliate Program

  • High commission rate within cosmetic industry

  • Chance to be featured on our social feeds to promote you!

  • Earn money in your sleep!


It’s so simple - you won’t believe it!

Earn commission on the Vasanti Products you promote, sign up below, start talking about the products you love and watch your commission $$$ grow!

Who is it for? For anyone who loves our skincare and makeup. You don’t need to be an expert, your passion speaks volumes!

The Perks

Offer value to your followers






to your followers

stand out

High commission rate within cosmetic industry


Offer value to your followers (10% discount code)

earn up to $5000/month

Earn commission on entire basket size

be featured

Chance to be featured on our social feeds to promote you!


Dashboard available 24/7 to see how much money you’ve earned!


Flexibility in how you promote products and how often


Step 1 

Create your account - Join the Club

Step 2 

Get your FAV Vasanti product and get started.

Try it, fall in love with it, share your love with all of your followers, promote your exclusive affiliate link - your followers get 10% off of your fav Vasanti Product and you get 10% commission on THEIR ENTIRE basket (not just the product you promoted)

Step 3 

Make that $$$ - continue to create exciting, fun content and keep on selling and earring commission (while you seep!)

Include your affiliate link in your Instagram bio

Create a video, take a picture, post a story, write a blog post, don’t forget to include to post your affiliate link !

Why Join?

You love and adore skincare and beauty - you talk about it often, so why not earn $$$ while you do it? It’s absolutely FREE to join. A WIN-WIN for you and your followers, they get 10% off and you get 10% commission, pretty amazing right?!

After you make the sale, leave the rest to us - we will ship, track and provide excellent customer service (we pride ourselves on this!)

Btw, our website has a very high conversion rate which means your affiliate link takes them to our website and it is designed to sell them on more products - all of which you get a commission on - their entire basket size!

ready to be a part of THE SISTERHOOD?

Apply now to join the VASANTI Affiliate Program!


We are sisters who whole-heartedly believe in inclusivity, good for you ingredients and cruelty free cosmetics/skincare. We want skincare and makeup to be luxe yet affordable and make you feel your absolute best! We have spent over 20 years curating high performance products loved by millions, upholding clean beauty standards (before it was a trend!), never testing on animals and spreading joy! 

We want to spread joy in many ways as we can. We want YOU to be a part of our affiliate program, we believe you embody the values of our sisterhood and are uber talented! Your work is not only creative but inspirational where your community connects with you.


How often do I need to Post?

You post as much as you like and on as many social platforms as you like - the more your audience sees your content and affiliate link the higher the chance they make a purchase for you to earn commission.

Does my affiliate link expire ?

Your affiliate link will be active for 6 months, after this time period we can extend our partnership.

How is my commission calculated? 

You have access to a customized dashboard you can access 24/7 to see how much commission you have earned to date. 

How often am I paid commission?


What support does Vasanti offer to help me sell?

We will keep you up to date on new product launches, product knoweldge, effective selling techniques to help you succeed 

Ask us anything!