Your skin has changed, have you?

It’s Sunday Evening and I am prepping for the week ahead which usually means laundry, planning meals, procrastinating, cleaning, Netflix and back to procrastination. In my numerous moments of procrastination I found myself reading a blog about changing seasons and skincare. It had not occurred to me with all the seasonal allergies I experience during Spring that my skin too was changing!

A change in temperature, UV levels, humidity and wind exposure affects our skins barrier. We may only notice a drastic difference when the transition is from mild to frigid temperatures. However, the warmer weather also affects our skin. Here are 3 ways to prepare your skin this Spring/Summer.

  • Opt for a lighter moisturizer – you can forgo layering your moisturizer and serums for maximum hydration. Brighten Up! Glow Boosting Serum provides hydration, radiant skin, priming base for makeup and gives you a cheery, effortless glow!
  • Refresh your skin on the go! -Spritz your skin with Rose Water and Pomegranate Toner + Refreshing Spray after you wash your face to tighten your pores. Throughout the day refresh your makeup and skin in humid temperatures with the Rose Water + Pomegranate Spray – it feels absolutely heavenly!

I took the Skincare Quiz while waiting for the dryer to finish it’s last few spins and found a skincare mini set that fits my skin and it’s many concerns! Here’s a little sneak peak into my results – it’s like the quiz knew my skin better than I did!


What are you waiting for? Take the Quiz TODAY!