What’s all the fuss about this product?


It’s Monday morning, you’re staring in the mirror getting ready for the day when you notice faint lines forming in the corner of your eyes. Your immediate thought: “Just great, one more thing I gotta worry about” Or maybe it wasn’t Monday morning, maybe like me it was when my 30 something year old friends were talking Botox and fillers that I started to eye my face with more scrutiny that I realized: “Oh crap, where did these come from & when?!”

Which led me to figuring out how I could spare myself at least some signs of aging. And what I discovered was: the sooner you start using anti-aging eye cream the better! Prevention is key! And this precisely why you, dear reader need eye cream!

After some thorough research, trial and error, I found myself instantly hooked on: Vasanti’s Eye Wonder 2.0 A few things that stood out to me immediately when comparing to other brands:

  1. Most eye creams tend to be 15mL in size while Vasanti’ Eye Wonder 2.0 is 20mL in size – great value!

2. Most eye creams are usually formulated to help reduce the appearance of dark circles/puffiness OR fine lines/wrinkles. Very seldom do you find an eye cream that is formulated to prevent/correct dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. This is where Eye Wonder 2.0 comes in, it does it ALL!

3. The price?! Formulated with 4 peptides, 4 botanics and 3 vitamins Vasanti’s Eye Wonder 2.0 not only delivers but ONLY costs $42 while others can cost much more!

4. And most importantly, it works! In less than 2 weeks I noticed my fine lines less pronounced and my dark circles less noticeable.

Which leads me to, the incredible ingredients that make Vasanti’s Eye Wonder 2.0 incredible:


4 Clinically Proven Peptides 

  • Haloxyl: Reinforces the structure of the skin and reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles caused by weakened and broken blood vessels and capillaries. 
  • Eyeliss: Helps prevent and reduce undereye puffiness by increasing lymphatic circulation and reducing inflammation. 
  • Matrixyl 3000: Double peptide action and one of the most effective peptides in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, restructures and repairs the extracellular matrix. 
    4 Active Botanicals 
  • Arbutin (from Bearberry leaves): Helps promote uniform skin tone, reduce dark spots and shadows. Helps increase skin luminosity and uniformity. 
  • Olive Extract (Eurol BT): Inhibits tyrosinase production, lightens dark circles caused by increased melanin production. 
  • Algae Extract: Blend of marine algae with hydrating and anti-aging properties. 
  • Argan Oil: Contains essential fatty acids that hydrates and moisturizes with no greasy residue. 

3 Nourishing Vitamins 

  • Vitamin A: A retinol that is known for its cellar renewal propeties. It is effective in stimulating collagen production and reducing fine lines. Promotes natural moisturizing and is effective in maintaining a healthy dermis and epidermis (top two layers of your skin). 
  • Vitamin C: A potent antioxidant that helps promote collagen production. It prevents skin damage from free radicals caused by UV exposure and helps enhance skin’s radiance. A powerful ingredient to brighten under eyes, lighten hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and even out skin tone.  
  • Vitamin E: Known for its moisturizing and healing properties. Helps protect skin from sun damage and has antioxidant properties. Helps keep skin conditioned and prevents dryness. 

Wow, I know! That’s a whole lot of amazing good for you ingredients. You might still be wondering if you really need an eye cream, and I can assure you that you do! I’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions:

“Im too young and see no signs of aging I don’t need it”

Wrong! At around 25 years old the production of collagen and elastin begins to decline which means loss of elasticity and firmness around eyes. This change happens in the dermis first, as we age and our skin thins the damage begins to show on the surface.

“Should I wait to see signs of aging before I use an eye cream?”(another poll)

No! Prevention in skincare is key. The earlier in your 20s that you start to use anti-aging eye cream the better your skin will appear as you age. 

Does that mean its too late for me if I already see signs of aging?

Not at all! Hate to break it to you but we are aging everyday, anti – aging products can help preventing future damage and correcting what is already on the surface of the skin. 

What are you waiting for, give your eyes the absolute best, Vasanti’s Eye Wonder 2.0