What A Spa Sunday Should Look Like

There’s nothing quite like a peaceful day at the spa where you can relax, de-stress and enjoy the feeling of being spoiled for a bit. Unfortunately, spa treatments can be costly, are time consuming and we often feel guilty about indulging in such a retreat. The good news is that treating yourself to some of life’s little luxuries can easily help you feel like you’re at the spa – right from your home. Sundays are often the distinguished days for self-pampering and resetting your mental state for the coming week with some soul-therapy practices. Read below for some of the little luxuries you should indulge in next Sunday when it’s time to de-stress!

Create a little safe space for yourself

Unless you can manage to keep your home looking like it’s ready for HGTV at all times, you probably live in some sort of clutter from your daily life (especially if you have kids). For spa Sundays, you want to make sure you have at least a tiny space that is clean, cozy and comfortable to relax in. Keep it especially free of clutter related to work, school or anything that could distract you. Some ideal décor pieces for a spa space would be pillows, soft blankets, fuzzy rugs, diffusers and candles. This is your getaway space to indulge in you, so cherish it.

Keep the air fresh

Have you ever been to a spa that doesn’t smell good? Probably not (if you have, yikes!). The aroma in the room matters and plays a huge role in allowing you to relax. Some options for keeping the air smelling fresh include: aromatherapy, essential oils, candles, and incense. Find a scent that speaks to you.

Clean yourself up

Use this time to take a bath and deep clean your body before the hectic week ahead eats you up. Slow down and take care of all the things that you avoid during the week: hair treatments, shaving, body scrubs, self-tanning, etc. This will help you feel ready to take on the week, and will help you feel taken care of.

Show your face some love

We literally wear exhaustion on our faces with dead skin, clogged pores, stress line, etc. Treat yourself to some exfoliation (to remove dead skin cells), a face mask (to repair/rehydrate), and some effective skincare products to keep your skin intact. Vasanti’s 4-Step skincare system is the perfect easy-yet-effective routine for a spa Sunday.

Use hot towels

A “spa” can’t be imitated without a classic hot towel, often used to open the pores on your face and relieve stress in other parts of your body such as feet, back and arms. Simply apply the warmed towel to your skin (be careful of the heat) and pat around to soothe the skin.

Use your favourite scented body lotion

You know that lotion you have that smells too good to use every day? Treat yourself to that lotion on your spa Sunday. You deserve it.

Time for a mani / pedi

Give your nails some life, file them down, add some colour or cut your cuticles. For some reason, clean nail beds are an instant pick-me-up.

Practice some soul therapy

We all have something that sets our soul on fire, so do that on your spa Sunday. Whether it’s meditating, writing in a journal, pouring some champagne or watching your favourite TV show – do it. Now that you are clean and feeling fresh, indulge in something that will keep your mind off your hectic life and restore your sanity.

What are your self-pampering rituals? Share with us!