The Questions on Your Mind… Answered!

As promised this blog will answer some of your most frequently asked questions! If by any chance I don’t answer your makeup related question in this blog, don’t hesitate to ask – I love answering your questions! P.S. There are no bad questions!

Liquid Cover Up Foundation

How do I find my perfect foundation match online?

To find your perfect foundation match use our Shade Finder: – remember we have a 30 Day Guarantee if you’re not satisfied(pretty sure you will be!)

Is the foundation oil based?

No, it’s not oil based, it’s actually a water based! Which means your pores will not be clogged and the Liquid Foundation is perfect for all skin types!

Liquid VO2

What is Liquid VO2 and what is it for?

Liquid VO2 is an colour corrector for underneath your eyes that will erase your dark circles and brighten!

What do I use to set my LVO2 ?

Use Lotus Brightening Powder to set and extend wear underneath your eyes. It’s available in 3 shades and super easy to use.

Why Liquid VO2 vs other colour correctors?

Liquid VO2 is the perfect hue of orange and has a light weight formula that instantly hides dark circles. Orange colour correctors tend to be too dark, too bright or too light. Vasanti’s Liquid VO2 instantly blends easily, mimics your skin, looks natural and doesn’t crease!

Locked In Liquid Lipstick

Do Locked in Liquid Lipsticks feel dry on your lips?

No, not at all, Locked In Liquid Lipsticks are formulated to stay matte without drying, thanks to ingredients like kaolin in the formula

Do Locked In Liquid Lipsticks feather?

No, they do not, the formula is made to adhere to lips without budging.

How long do Locked In Liquid Lipsticks last?

At least 12 hours!

Astro Highlighter vs See The Light Powder Highlighter

Alicia is wearing See The Light Duo in Earth Angel

What’s the difference between Astro Highlighter and See The Light Powder Highlighter?

See the Light Powder Highlighter is a natural highlighter that comes in two shades: Earth Angel and Golden Child. Earth Angel has light reflecting champagne particles and Golden Child has light reflecting golden particles that compliment all skin types.

Astro Highlighter is a very bold, shimmery blend of champagne/golden particles! This highlighter is far from natural and will surely get you noticed from afar!

Cleopatra vs Felt Tip Liner

Felt Tip Liner
Cleopatra Eye Liner

What’s the difference between Cleopatra and Felt Tip Liner?

Cleopatra and Felt Tip Liquid Liner are both liquid eyeliners available in black. The difference is Cleopatra’s applicator has a fine flexible tip while Felt Tip Liner has a sturdy felt tip and is matte, dark black!

Kajal Waterline

Will Kajal Waterline Smudge?

No, Kajal Waterline is formulated to stay put and not bleed.

Is it waterproof?

Yes, will not smudge!

Can I use it in my waterline?

Yes, its formulated to use in waterline/tightline 

Can I use it on the lid of my eyes?

Yes, absolutely, it will stay put on lid also. Can smudge liner for a smokey effect before it dries

Is it dermatologist/opthalmologist tested?


When I turn it up it doesn’t come back down, why?

Its a one way twist to ensure product stays as hygienic as possible 

How long will it last me with everyday use?

3-4 months 

Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper

Will this irritate my lips and make my lips sting/burn?

No, most lip plumpers create the sensation of Non irritating formula 

How long will this take to work?

Hyaluronic Boost Lip Plumper works instantly to plump and enhance lips. Not only plumps instantly but over 28 days will improve lip contour and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

What makes this lip plumper different?

Hyaluronic Boosting Peptides help plump pout. FYI, hyaluronic is used in lip injections

Is the formula sticky?

Non, sticky, light weight formula with maximum shine to really bring out your lips 

My Time Lipsticks

Will My Time Lipstick feather?

No, you can use the pointed bullet to line lips to prevent from feathering. Or use our Waterproof Extreme lipliners. 

What is the texture of My Time Lipsticks?

My Time Lipsticks are gel matte lipstick that glides on lips very smoothly and feels soft while it appears matte

Are the lipsticks transfer proof?

They do not easily transfer. 

Big Up! Mascara

Is the mascara waterproof?

Big Up! Mascara isn’t waterproof, however it is water resistant. Mascara will stay put and NOT FLAKE!

Do you have waterproof mascara ?

Waterproof mascaras tend to be drying and we only want the most effective formulas that are also kind to your skin, in this case your lashes! So, no for this reason we do not have a waterproof mascara.

Will the mascara clump?

No! You can apply multiple layers without clumping

Will the mascara flake or make my lashes feel dry?

No, Big Up! Mascara has a moisturizing formula that does not flake nor cause your lashes to feel dry and brittle

How is it different from the Eye Smile Mascara?

Eye smile Mascara is more natural while Big Up! Mascara gives more dramatic results, lots of volume!

What do I use to remove Big Up! Mascara?

You may use Face Off Mascara/Magnetic Wipes for easy removal.

If I haven’t covered all of your questions in this blog when it comes to makeup(which I am sure I haven’t) please ask your question in the comments and I will be sure to get right back to you!


-Head Up & Smile Always XOX