Let Your Eyes DO the TALKING!

Yes, I am a proclaimed makeup junkie — I admit it. It’s the life I lead and I am proud. I will also admit that I look forward to putting on my makeup every morning to get ready for the day. Well, things have changed, not my love for makeup that is but the world we live in. 

We are all living in what is considered the “new normal” where we keep our distance from others, wear masks in public, and stay home as much as possible. We are all trying to do our part in flattening the COVID-19 curve. I commend all the front-line workers for their hard work in keeping us safe and wearing masks that can be uncomfortable for long hours!  

I wear a mask every time I leave the house to be in public and knowing this, I still sit in front of my vanity adding a little life to my face. Who knows, I might just meet Mr. Right while carefully selecting apples in the produce aisle. With this thought in my mind, I remembered the age old saying: “Your eyes are the windows to your soul”.  Naturally, when speaking to others we tend to focus on their eyes. I narrowed down the absolute must haves to dress up the beautiful eyes that we all have.  

First and foremost, FRAME YOUR FACE. Repeat with me, FRAME YOUR FACE. How? Make sure that you comb, shape, and fill your brows. Ladies, let’s leave behind the days of razor thin brows — full brows are HERE to stay. Use Vasanti’s Brow Powder Pencil to first brush your brows with the spoolie end and then follow the natural curve of your brows with the brow pencil end and then FILL. The brow pencil is fool-proof and allows for buildable colour — you can’t over do it, unless you want to! 

Brow Powder Pencil ($21)

Second, this is the BEST eyeliner I have EVER used for my sensitive eyes! Vasanti’s Kajal Waterline was awarded Eyeliner of The Year by Fashion Magazine. I can see why! Glides on super smoothly, will NOT smudge, water resistant, and lasts all day. Super safe to use on the rim of eyes for tightlining as well. Use the Waterline to define your eyes which will help make them stand out. Just follow the natural shape of your eyes! 

Kajal Waterline Eyeliner ($19)

The Kajal Waterline is also available in a wide range of colours. Here are some suggestions based upon your eye colour to help those eyes POP!  

Dark Brown Eyes: Ice Blue/Black  

Blue Eyes: Slate Grey/Black  

Hazel/Brown Eyes: Hazel Brown/Black 

Green Eyes: Hazel Brown/Black  

Lastly, coat your lashes with “Eye Smile Mascara” for volume, and length without clumping or flakes! 

Eye Smile Mascara ($19)

Now go dress up the windows to your soul 😉