Does colour correction actually work?


Who would have thought applying an orange shade underneath your eyes would erase dark circles? Sounds bizarre right? Not really when you look at colour theory. Colour correction is directly linked to the colour wheel. Any colour opposite of the colour wheel will cancel the opposing colour. For an example, the hue underneath the eyes when describing dark circles is usually a shade of brown, the colour opposite of brown is orange. Orange cancels out brown because it is the colour opposite of the shade brown on the colour wheel! 

Pretty fascinating, right? Now let’s dive a little deeper. This sounds like any shade of orange will do. Not quite. Orange colour correctors on the market tend to be too bright, too dark, not pigmented enough, dulling and hard to blend. The orange that Vasanti uses in it’s Liquid VO2 Colour Corrector is unique, it is quite literally the perfect shade of orange to colour correct any shade of brown and easy to blend! Also, the formula made to develop LVO2 is one of a kind because it is lightweight, made to blend easily and brightens underneath the eyes!


Ready to erase your dark circles? Watch as Huda teaches us how and amazes us with incredible results…WOW!