Do brown skin tone girls really need a bronzer?

Bronzers are typically seen as beauty products that add colour to the skin. When we hear “add colour” we automatically think ‘to make our skin appear darker than it is’. Women with medium to deep skin tones can shy away from bronzer thinking  they do not need to add colour to their skin for many reasons. Some of those reasons stem from a culture of colourism where fair skin triumphs. In the West, tan skin is considered attractive and tied to perceived notion of wealth: “she must have gone on a vacation to get that tan!”

Beauty should never be attributed to the colour of ones skin, instead celebrated for it’s individuality! Skin has beauty that is deeper than the colour of the surface.

Whatever your colour, you can definitely use a little Vasanti bronzer to add glow, dimension and antioxidants to your skin. Vasanti formulated their mineral bronzers to enhance complexion by adding anti-oxidant rich properties, even skin tone, blur imperfections and add radiance!

Vasanti bronzers are formulated with:

Pisum Sativum (Pea) Extract – moisturizing, smoothing and anti-aging properties

Algae Extract -an antioxidant and is known for its non-irritating and moisturizing qualities

Lotus Flower Extract – conditions skin, anti-oxidant properties

Pure mineral pigments  – to blur imperfections for the most flawless complexion.

The best part, the bronzers do NOT appear orangey nor mucky on skin!

Vasanti Mineral Bronzers available in Sun Peach Glow, Sunkissed, Brazilian Tan

A good bronzer is a must have staple in every makeup kit! So do brown skin tone girls really need a bronzer? YES!

Beauty Tips

1. Use Vasanti’s mineral bronzer to even your skin tone after the summer sun has deepened your complexion. No need to purchase a new powder nor change your foundation for your summer colour, just use bronzer!

2. To define face subtly, apply bronzer in a “3” shape, sweeping bronzer along your hairline to cheekbone and down to jawline. This technique defines your face, making it appear naturally defined(my secret to slimming my face!)

3. To add dimension to your face layer bronzer and blush together. Apply bronzer right underneath your cheekbones all the way up to your ear. Next, apply blush to just the apples of your cheek. This technique adds a lift to your face and radiance all at once!


It’s crystal clear ladies, we need Vasanti’s Mineral bronzer in our lives! Add it to your daily makeup routine to give your skin ALL THE LOVE It deserves!