Colour corrector: what is it and why you need it!

You’re probably wondering “Why a colour corrector? Isn’t a concealer enough? Do I need both a colour corrector and a concealer?” It’s gets super confusing if you ask me. So let me break it down so it’s easy to understand the difference between a concealer vs a colour corrector and why you NEED a colour corrector!

A concealer is meant to CONCEAL anything unwanted – like that zit that pops up every month and small blemishes.   

A colour corrector is meant to NEUTRALIZE any unwanted discolouration – like the dark circles underneath your eyes( my dark circles take up a lot of real estate on my face!), hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone.

The difference is when you conceal an area larger than a zit or a tone that is a lot different than your skin, you end up using A LOT of concealer trying to cover up. In doing so, your makeup can appear cakey, dull, the discolouration can STILL seep through. 

When you colour correct you are neutralizing the area you want hidden and need a single layer unlike a concealer that requires multiple layers. Which means instead of applying layers of concealer or a very thick concealer.  You are instead cancelling out the tone or area you want hidden with a single layer and then, you can proceed with your powder/foundation over top – no concealer needed! 

Vasanti Liquid VO2 Colour Corrector


Now do you see why to achieve a flawless, natural looking complexion, colour correction is key! This is the makeup artist trick you need in your makeup bag! Now, which colour corrector to chose?!!

Some people may avoid colour correctors because they can be daunting due to being too dark, too orange, dulling, too thick and ultimately difficult to blend. However, Vasanti’s Liquid VO2 Corrector defeats all of the doubts you may have when it comes to using a colour corrector!

Two EASY STEPS! 1) Apply in a ‘V” shape 2) Blend!

Liquid VO2 is easy to blend, the perfect orange, not cakey nor thick, works to erase dark circles IMMEDIATELY, and most importantly BRIGHTENS underneath the eyes! Watch the incredible transformation below, Hemali Mistry @readytoglow!