5 Ways to Practice Self- Care – Avoid that Burn out!

Day in and Day out we focus so much on building our lives, focusing on our relationship but truly neglecting that one person who is struggling to do it all, to create that perfect balance. We are caregivers and often times without even noticing we start neglecting ourselves. Yep! I am sure we can all relate to this. We get up in the morning, do the same things over and over again- every day, non-stop. In a blink of an eye the whole week passes by without a moment of peace.

Life happens, I totally understand.

But girl, you need to schedule it, prioritize it so it becomes second nature to take care of yourself, to keep yourself priority because that pile of dirty dishes can wait.

Read + Coffee

Yes, reading is still a thing. It’s not old school. As shocking as it may be, people still pick up books and read. And trust me, it’s life changing, uplifting and you might end up slightly happier than before. One of my most relaxing moments are sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading my favorite book. There is something about entering a different world just by flipping pages, it’s super relaxing. And FYI reading does improve memory, studies show it might slow the progress or even prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Now isn’t that a good enough reason to pick up that book?


It’s not rare to neglect yourself. Often times, I struggle with taking out time to exercise or meditate, that procrastinating idiot in my mind wouldn’t let me get to it. Meditation helps to focus, and essentially helps in quieting all the noise— coming to a satisfactory level of inner peace and calmness. One of the major benefits of meditation is it helps in reducing stress. I find it tough to quiet my mind because the never-ending to-do list keeps popping up but with constant practice and time, inner peace is definitely achievable. Calm app is a great way to bring meditation into your daily life.

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

So let’s talk about gratitude, counting your blessings, being thankful and all that jazz. Keeping a gratitude journal keeps us grounded. It is also a constant reminder of all the little and big blessings that are part of our daily lives which are often taken for granted e.g. food, warm bed, a car, roof on our heads, love from family etc. Sometimes, life doesn’t go the way we intend it to be, it’s dynamic, works in waves and consist of highs and lows. During the lows, the gratitude journal will remind you of the highs, the beautiful and happy moments. So, write-up beautiful!

Declutter + Organize

A cluttered space stresses the mind even more. Sometimes, a busy life can make cleaning, decluttering a less of a priority. But decluttering and reorganizing instantly uplifts mood and re-energizes you. The best way is to start donating stuff, I always keep a spare bag in my closet and whenever I find an item that doesn’t fit or haven’t been touched for ages, I instantly put it in the donation bag. You can also host a garage sale and make some money on the side selling that stuff.

Bath Time

Thinking about bath time instantly puts me in a mood for some essential oils, scented candles, lots of bath salt and some undisturbed me time. All you need is 20 minutes to create mindfulness and bringing back balance to your life. Apply some face mask, a deep conditioning hair mask and just soak in, leaving all your stress behind.

So, let’s conquer self- care, one tip at a time.

Good Luck Beautiful.

Look like you, feel Like you!