3 Reasons Why You Need Liquid VO2!

After seeing that dramatic & flawless before and after do I really need to give you a reason why to use Liquid Colour Corrector VO2, let alone 3 reasons! If the incredible before and after doesn't convince you to add LVO2 to your life, these 3 reasons will:

1. Erase Your Dark Circles Immediately


Liquid VO2 will erase your dark circles instantly! A peachy orange colour corrector that neutralizes discolouration underneath the eyes(blue, purple, dark brown shadows!) Apply LVO2 in a V form underneath your eyes and voila - no more dark circles! Set with Lotus Brightening Powder for long lasting results.

2. Brighten's Instantly

LVO2 won't just erase your dark circles instantly but will brighten underneath the eyes! Your eyes will not appear ashy nor dark instead you will find your eyes brighter and smoothers than ever.

3. No Concealer Needed

Yes, you read that right: NO CONCEALER NEEDED! After you apply LVO2 to colour correct aka erase your dark circles, a concealer on top is absolutely not necessary. This will also save you time and the amount of products you need to achieve flawless skin.

Are you convinced, yet? I know I sure am, take the Dark Circle Quiz for the perfect match for you!