4 Products Under $35 that blew my mind!

These 4 products under $35 have blown my mind and here’s why! 

Vasanti’s Liquid VO2($27) is literally a dark circle eraser that keeps my dark circles my best kept secret from morning to night! It’s a colour corrector that erases my dark circles & brightens underneath the eyes all under 30 seconds! No need to layer products or even add a concealer in top – hella impressive! 


Vasanti’s Kajal Waterline($19)  is for us sisters who have the hardest time keeping their eyeliner from smudging! I was pleasantly surprised when I sat through my besties wedding with a puddle of tears and my eyeliner intact .  Glides on smoothly, super pigmented & I’d course smudge proof!


Just like my eyeliner, keeping my lips in place can be a challenge. I was pleasantly surprised when I threw on this Matte Crush lipstick by Vasanti Cosmetics ($23),  it glided on like butter, completely matte & non drying(WOW!), and the colour so rich & pigmented that it didn’t fade all day long!


Last but never least – Vasanti’s Brighten Up! Exfoliator literally transformed my skin after ONE use. This exfoliator and microdermabrasion in a bottle is dedicated to giving your skin an enviable glow with removing dead skin cells using aloe, papaya enzymes, coconut and Microderm crystals.