My Time Gel Matte Lipsticks

My Time Lipstick Collection is timeless. 

It is made for every woman, her every mood, and her every look. 

Make your time memorable with My Time Lipstick Collection.    

Face Time

You find time spent time with family and friends the most important, you love seeing their faces, it brings you joy! 


Zen Time

You bike to a nearby park, walk through overgrown grass and find the perfect spot against a willow tree to settle down to feel the cool breeze against your skin. 


Full Time

You are full of energy, always on the go, getting it done without batting an eyelash. 


Me Time

You look forward to the time you spend with yourself, from the bubble baths, solo shopping trips to that great book.  


Good Time

You find yourself having the time of your life because everyday is meant to be spectacular. 


Life Time

You dream and you dream big, there isn’t a single thing that you cannot achieve in this lifetime. 


Make Time

You are the person everyone calls from relationship advice, recipes to the perfect outfit to wear for date night and you always make the time to answer the call! 


Game Time

You are competitive, you crush everything you do from fitness goals, sports games, to the friendly family competitions. 
You’re a winner!


Party Time

You are a social butterfly, look forward to Sunday brunches and evening drinks with the girls.  


Time Is Money

You are a hustler, you work hard, play harder while never losing sight of your priorities. 


Your Time

You advocate for whats right, and use your time to make a difference in the world you live in.


Free Time

You find yourself on adventures that push your adrenaline over the edge, you just want to feel free.