5 Piece Essential Colour Brush Set

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Brushes that are designed to help you lay down a single colour all over the lid in one swipe. It will pick up the perfect amount of colour, and the shape and size makes it easy for blending out.

Contour Eyeshadow - Blend it out Brush! 

♥ Shape and define the contour of your eye

♥ Achieve a smokey effect

♥ Easily fits into any contour of the eye for easy blend

♥ Makeup artist effect easily achieved

♥ High quality nylon fibers

Make Me Blush Brush! 

♥ Perfect shape designed to evenly kiss the cheeks

♥ Great pick up and delivery of colour

♥ Soft hairs blends flawlessly

♥ High quality nylon fibers

Highlighter - Easy Glow Brush!

♥ Precision application of highlight for the cheek bones and bridge of nose

♥ Picks up the right amount of product to get glowing results

♥ Perfectly shaped to glide along the cheek bones and bridge of the nose

♥ High quality nylon fibers

Brow - Set Them Straight Brush!

♥ Specially designed to make your brows look perfectly groomed

♥ Helps you fill in with colour and define the brows

♥ Flexible, yet firm hairs allow the perfect application. High quality nylon fibers

Detail Eyeshadow - Line it up Brush!

♥ Multi-use brush; use as a liner brush or detail eyeshadow brush

♥ Used to create smokey look slightly above the lash line and below the lash line 

♥ Used as a liner for subtle everyday look

♥ Allows for precision application for any work around the eyes

♥ High quality nylon fibers

♥   Cruelty free      ♥   Vegan friendly      ♥   100% Synthetic